San Diego ComicCon Exclusive Dark Horse Comic Book Issue 1 Comic

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Exclusive San Diego ComicCon Cover!  Impossible to find!

Issue # 1 - July 24, 2002 You've never seen KISS like this! The most ass-kicking rock band returns to comics, written by the most rockin' of young comics writers. Joe Casey (Superman, Wildcats, X-Men) presents a bold new direction for KISS -- years after the split-up of these four super-powered warriors, they've followed very separate paths. The Demon is a bounty hunter; The Starchild lives with a race of women warriors in South America; The Spaceman is cruising the solar system with no human contact; and The Catman's getting in touch with his bestial side. When Catman finally goes too far, the others know they have to band together to save the Catman's humanity. But there's another hand at work, pushing the Four Who Are One into a corner. This new comic, overseen by Gene Simmons, turns the ultimate rock-and-roll icons into the ultimate superhero team. Joe Casey, who's dealt with every kind of super power, to the delight of mainstream fans, gives Dark Horse a superhero book to rival any. Mel Rubi, hot off the superhero-style revamp of Joss Whedon's Angel, reinterprets KISS with a dynamism rivalled only by their stage show, and J. Scott Campbell (Danger Girl) and Leinil Francis Yu (X-men, High Roads) trade off cover duties. This ain't your daddy's comics... Written by: Joe Casey Pencilled by: Mel Rubi Inked by: Derek Fridolfs Cover by: J. Scott Campbell