Psycho Circus Comic Issue 6 January 1998

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TITLE Smoke And Mirrors lll DEDICATION Army Of Fans STORY Brian Holguin LETTERS John Roshell COVER Angel Medina, Kevin Conrad COLORS Andy Troy, Brian Haberlin, Dan Kemp INKS Kevin Conrad PENCILS Angel Medina Kismet becomes witness to a land ruled by four princes. They receive an incantation from a hostaged gypsy - leader of the lost souls of her world - and toast the end of the world. As these four mortals try to enslave this world, the Elder arise and destroy their dreams. Realizing the young Madam Ravenna cursed them, one mortal tries to kill her. Kismet shatters through her looking-glass and saves the Madam with her "life." Kismet's soul finally realizes her suicide was real, and that she is destined to a life among the lost souls of the Psycho Circus.