Psycho Circus Comic Issue 31 June 2000

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TITLE Shadow of the Moon - Part III DEDICATION Every Kiss Fan, Everywhere. Our Eternal Gratitude. STORY Brian Holguin LETTERS Oscar Gongora, Richard Starkings, Troy Peteri, Wes Abbot COVER Clayton Crain, Kevin Conrad COLORS Andy Troy, Arsia Rozegar, Brian Haberlin, Ian Hannin INKS Kevin Conrad PENCILS Clayton Crain Convinced that what he is witnessing is a dream, Adam is confronted by the Demon, who spits fire at him, engulfing him in flames. When the flames clear, Adam finds himself in the middle of a large maze. Following the path out of the maze, Adam encounters his father and his long-dead sister, as well as various images of his younger self. Adam faces and comes to terms with lost, painful memories as he tries to make his way out of the maze. In the end, the four elders let him pass, as he comes to terms with the events in his life.