Psycho Circus Comic Issue 17 March 1999

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KISS PSYCHO CIRCUS MONTHLY SERIES ISSUE 17 | MARCH 1999 TITLE World Without Heroes - Part ll DEDICATION The Kiss Girls STORY Brian Holguin LETTERS John Roshell, Richard Starkings COVER Angel Medina, Kevin Conrad COLORS Andy Troy, Brian Haberlin INKS Kevin Conrad PENCILS Angel Medina Alex reflects on his years at home with his foster parents, and sees his life from the outside. While watching his home, his family and himself burn in a fire, his other half comes to him and takes him to a new home. He knows he doesn?t belong in this place, and he and the Other begin to fight resulting in the death of the Other. The house is in flames, and Alex screams loud enough to summon the Demon, who again asks him what he wishes for. This time, Alex has an answer: Hope.