Psycho Circus Comic Issue 16 February 1999

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KISS PSYCHO CIRCUS MONTHLY SERIES ISSUE 16 | FEBRUARY 1999 TITLE World Without Heroes I DEDICATION those who love it loud STORY Brian Holguin LETTERS Dave Lanphear, Richard Starkings COVER Angel Medina, Kevin Conrad COLORS Andy Troy, Brian Haberlin INKS Kevin Conrad PENCILS Angel Medina After being thrown out by his abusive family, Alex lives only to survive each hopeless day on the streets. But when he finds a strange looking ticket laying in the gutter everything changes. He goes to the Psycho Circus with his admission ticket and is granted a wish but what do you wish for when all your hopes and dreams have been beaten out of you? The impatient Demon wants an answer ... now! How will Alex know what to wish for?