Psycho Circus Comic Issue 11 July 1998

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TITLE Destroyer II DEDICATION the best fans -- the KISS fans STORY Brian Holguin LETTERS John Roshell COVER Angel Medina, Kevin Conrad COLORS Brian Haberlin, Dan Kemp, Laura Depuy INKS Kevin Conrad PENCILS Angel Medina The Four-Who-Are-One gather to discuss an emerging evil that threatens to engulf the world. They agree that action must be taken, no matter what the cost. At the circus, a great storm announces the coming of the "Dark Light," a power that will remake the world in its image and Kismet learns that none of the lost souls can leave the circus without perishing. Led by the Nightmare King, who emerged from the madness of a young man named Joshua Childe, the hordes of Chaos taint the world with formless evil, spreading quickly to all ends of the globe. Only the Four-Who-Are-One stand in their way.