Dark Horse Comic Book Issue 8 Comic Cover

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Issue # 8 - March 26, 2003 A messy fight with a hideous monster in the middle of Mardi Gras calls attention to problems with the Four Who Are One's team dynamic. While some have embraced their KISS identities, other members of the team are struggling to hang on to their humanity. Meanwhile, a seductive new character thickens the plot, but is she a friend or could she prove to be a deadly foe? Scott Lobdell (Buffy, Highroads, X-Men) kicks off a new 3 issue story arc with regular KISS artist Mel Rubi for issue number 8 of KISS; "This Man This Monster" part one. Written by: Scott Lobdell & Mike Baron Pencilled by: Mel Rubi Inked by: Derek Fridolfs