Dark Horse Comic Book Issue 4 Photo Cover

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Issue # 4 - December 4, 2002 Sparks fly and personalities clash as the team tries to get life back to normal. The Beast King continues to undergo treatment which should return him to his old charming self. In the mean time, Gene and Paul pay a visit to an old nemesis who now lies comatose in a mental institution. Trouble breaks loose as a robotic double of the Demon wreaks havoc on the city. Plus, more action ensues as The Celestial and the Beast King do battle with a new foe that goes by the name of "The Detonator." Joe Casey writes, and Mel Rubi draws the action-packed fourth issue of the hard rockin' new KISS series from Dark Horse! Written by: Joe Casey Pencilled by: Mel Rubi Inked by: Derek Fridolfs Cover by: Mel Rubi