Dark Horse Comic Book Issue 2 Photo Cover

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Issue # 2 - August 21, 2002 Gene Simmons told us he wanted a straight-up superhero treatment for KISS, so we got the very best -- Joe Casey, writer of X-Men, Superman, and WildC.A.T.S., has created a whole new KISS! This issue, the Demon takes on the Catman! Peter Criss has lost control of his beastly persona, and only Gene Simmons -- wrestling with his own dark side -- can stop him. Casey teams with Mel Rubi, artist of Dark Horse's hit Angel series for a rock and rollicking good time, with front man J. Scott Campbell (Danger Girl!) providing covers on the first two issues, followed by Leinil Francis Yu (High Roads) next month. You wanted the best, Dark Horse is giving you the best! Written by: Joe Casey Pencilled by: Mel Rubi Inked by: Derek Fidolfs Cover by: J. Scott Campbell