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Recorded at Right Track Studio, New York, New York. Includes liner notes by Robert V. Conte. Digitally remastered by Joseph M. Palmaccio Sterling Sound, New York, New York. With personnel changes and neglect from a key member of the band, it's amazing ANIMALIZE turned out as well as it did. This record shows Kiss was able to rise above all the groups who copied a style of music that Kiss originated. After LICK IT UP, creative differences pushed lead guitarist Vinnie Vincent out and speed demon Mark St. John in. Without missing a lick, St. John was able to fill Vincent's shoes admirably. Also around this time, Gene Simmons decides to try his hand at acting, starring in such films as Runaway and Wanted Dead Or Alive. Thus, he is listed as Associate Producer but in reality had minimal input. Producer Paul Stanley did a fine job putting his own personal technical stamp on the album. Stanley sings on I've Had Enough Into The Fire, a fast and furious track with motivational lyrics. He also fills in on bass for Simmons on both singles, Heavens On Fire and Thrills In The Night. Lyrically, Simmons songs reflect where he was in the 80s with titles like Burn Bitch Burn and Murder In High Heels.