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Recorded live in Cleveland, Detroit and Indianapolis, Indiana during Kiss 1992 Revenge Tour. If ALIVE III doesn't quite contain the overall quality of material that ALIVE! or ALIVE II did, it nonetheless offers its share of gems. Out of the later post-makeup Kiss songs, Lick it Up and Heavens on Fire seem to hold up best when thrown in the company of Detroit Rock City and Deuce. Luckily the duds are few, made up for by an inspired reworking of the Star Spangled Banner which should make any self-respecting head-banger place his hand over his heart while continuing to bang his head and the somewhat radical reworking of the old Argent chestnut God Gave Rock and Roll to You. Seemingly inspired by these covers and the energy surge that must come from playing in Detroit The Rock City where much of the album was recorded, Gene and Paul put on a show more than worthy of the Kiss name and legacy.