Signed Original Four Unprinted Lithograph Sheet

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These are very cool!  Signed by the original four members of KISS!  Peter Criss, Ace Frehley, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley signed these when they were licensed under Sony Signatures in the late nineties.  We purchased these from them at the end of their agreement.  They have been sitting in our warehouse for years.  During the Christmas season this year while moving boxes around we found them again.  The full sheet measures 28 x 24 inches.  We think they were used for the Psycho Circus lithos that had the large 3D moving image on them.  Now is your chance to make your own signed litho with anything you like!  These are REAL signatures each is different as you can see in the photos.  These seem to be in awesome condition!  No obvious issues they are straight out of the case we originally received them in.  We have a limited number of these. Don't miss out!