Psycho Circus Comic Issue 8 April 1998

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TITLE Forever DEDICATION The Ever Faithful KISS Fans STORY Brian Holguin LETTERS John Roshell COVER Angel Medina, Kevin Conrad COLORS Andy Troy, Brian Haberlin, Dan Kemp INKS Kevin Conrad PENCILS Angel Medina Devon and Kara are lovers in a lost world of street gangs. Unaware that Devon's initiation kill was her brother, Kara is promised they'll both leave after the gang meeting. The lovers are spotted at the circus by members of Devon's gang, where Kara is caught. Devon is driven back to the circus by gang leader Parasite, where Kara is brought to them. When she is told that her brother's killer Devon, hate fills her heart. The gang is then confronted by the Elder. When the gang chooses hate as their friend, a bloody melee ensues. Kara remembers a question asked by Starbearer about forgiving the darkest sin. She then forgives Devon.