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Get all the magazines that were released on one cd!  


When KISS Freaks Special Delivery was in production it was one of the most original fanzines ever created. It certainly help up the ante in the KISS fanzine world.


 The idea behind KISS Freaks Special Delivery magazine was to fill the void for fans that were not online and unable to experience the features of the world's best KISS websites. With submissions and involvement from several different KISS sites, something very special was achieved. The gap between the Internet KISS fans and the non-Internet KISS fan quickly dwindled.


The main goal was to get them out quickly! The worst thing about fanzines is the speed at which they are released. Often by the time you receive them they are out of date. KISS Freaks Special Delivery was shipped within a week of the latest news. Overall 19 issues were released in its two years of existence, making it at the time the fastest growing fanzine in the KISS world.


The magazines were full of the same stuff that had made KISS the ultimate place on the planet for KISS related features online. Interviews, features, news and lots of fan submissions make it one of the best KISS fanzines ever put out.

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