KISS Logo Wristband USB 1GB Memory Stick with Best of Alive 35 Tour Audio

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Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer celebrated the 35 year history of one of the biggest rock bands of all times on a tour across North America.


Most shows of the KISS Alive/35 US Tour 2009 were exclusively recorded by Concert Online.


The audio recording were available as a USB leather wristband with a KISS metal buckle. An absolute must-have item for every KISS fan!




To ensure maximum quality, all tracks were recorded live and were mixed with state-of-the-art recording technology by Concert Online.


The original leather KISS USB wristband contains the best of the best from the Alive 35 tour! audio recording of the show of your choice in highest MP3 quality (320 kBit/s) and KISS bonus multimedia material. Just plug in your wristband to a USB port on your computer and start the embedded KISS multimedia player to listen to your MP3s and enjoy the bonus features. Of course you can copy your MP3s to your computer, your MP3 player, etc. to listen to KISS ALIVE 35 wherever you want! The wristband can also be used as a standard 1GB USB flash drive.

Only a few available!


01. Deuce - Live in Greenville (10-17-09)

02. Strutter - Live in Philadelphia (10-12-09)

03. Got to Chose - Live in Hampton (10-16-09)

04. Hotter Than Hell - Live in Little Rock (10-29-09)

05. Fire House - Live in Winnipeg (11-09-09)

06. Nothin' To Loose - Live in Cleveland (09-28-09)

07. C'mon And Love Me - Live in Oshawa (10-07-09)

08. Parasite - Live in Boston (10-05-09)

09. She incl. Guitar Solo - Live in Cleveland (09-28-09)

10. Watchin' You - Live in Uncasville (10-03-09)

11. 100,000 Years incl. Drum Solo - Live in Minneapolis (11-07-09)

12. Black Diamond - Live in Oakland (11-22-09)

13. Cold Gin - Live in Detroit (09-25-09)

14. Rock And Roll All Nite - Live in Greenville (10-17-09)

15. Let Me Go Rock'N'Roll - Live in Anaheim (11-24-09)

16. Detroit Rock City - Live in Detroit (09-25-09)

17. King Of The Night Time World - Live in Uncasville (10-03-09)

18. Love Gun - Live in Atlanta (10-26-09)

19. Calling Dr. Love - Live in Birmingham (10-24-09)

20. Shock Me - Live in Fresno (11-21-09)

21. I Stole Your Love - Live in Montreal (10-01-09)

22. Shout It Out Loud - Live in Portland (11-17-09)

24. I Love It Loud - Live in Hampton (10-16-09)

26. Do You Love Me - Live in Seattle (11-15-09)

27. Say Yeah - Live in Atlanta (10-26-09)