Frehleys Comet Second Sighting SIGNED BLUE CD

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Ace signed a couple of these for us at his show in Cleveland at the House of Blues in 2019.  

Remastered edition of the former KISS guitarists second Frehleys Comet album, originally issued in 1988. Bristling with energy and hard rock firepower, the record allowed Ace to stretch out and take command of his legacy in a manner that befitted his explosive and larger than life reputation.


Track listing

No.TitleWriter(s)Lead vocalsLength
1. "Insane" Ace Frehley, Ace Frehley 3:45
2. "Time Ain't Runnin' Out" Tod Howarth Tod Howarth 3:52
3. "Dancin' With Danger" Ace Frehley, Dana Strum, Streetheart Ace Frehley 3:25
4. "It's Over Now" Tod Howarth Tod Howarth 4:39
5. "Loser in a Fight" Tod Howarth, John Regan Ace Frehley, Tod Howarth 4:33
6. "Juvenile Delinquent" Ace Frehley Ace Frehley 5:13
7. "Fallen Angel" Tod Howarth Tod Howarth 3:44
8. "Separate" Ace Frehley, John Regan Ace Frehley 4:56
9. "New Kind of Lover" Tod Howarth Tod Howarth 3:14
10. "The Acorn Is Spinning" Ace Frehley, John Regan (Instrumental) 4:50