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Schedule for Indianapolis KISS Expo this Saturday!


2017 Indianapolis KISS Expo (Tentative Schedule)

10:00 am Platinum ticket holders line up in number order outside ballroom

10:15 am Line begins for Platinum ticket holders to get Eric/Bruce photos

10:45 am Line begins for Platinum ticket holders to get Eric/Bruce autographs

12:00 am VIP ticket enter the Expo

12:15 pm After Platinum ticket holders have gotten their photos and autographs with Eric and Bruce. We will start the line for VIPs to do the same. This is a best guess at a time to start the VIP line.

2:00 pm Regular admission ticket holders can enter ballroom.

2:30 pm KISS Kostume Contest

3:00 pm Eric Singer Q/A

4:00 pm Raffles

4:30 pm Bob Kulick Name That Solo & Q/A Raffles

5:30 pm Raffles

6:00 pm Bruce Kulick Guitar Clinic & Q/A

7:00 pm Raffles

Photo and Autograph lines will be called up in groups. Platinum numbers in ranges until complete, then VIP the same way. Regular admission is first in line since they are not numbered. We will announce when Regular Admission can start lining.

Please note this is a just a tentative schedule which is subject to change. It may and probably will change if things run over. We are going to try to stick to these times as much as we can.

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