Ace Frehley Solo CD SIGNED BLUE

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Ace signed a couple of these for us at his show in Cleveland at the House of Blues in 2019. 

Riff-tastic 1978 debut solo album from The Spaceman featuring his hit 'New York Groove' plus 'Rip It Out', 'Snow Blind' & more.

1. "Rip It Out" (Frehley, Larry Kelly, Sue Kelly) 3:39
2. "Speedin' Back to My Baby" (Frehley, Jeanette Frehley) 3:35
3. "Snow Blind" 3:54
4. "Ozone" 4:41
5. "What's on Your Mind?" 3:26
6. "New York Groove(Russ Ballard) 3:01
7. "I'm In Need of Love" 4:36
8. "Wiped-Out" (Frehley, Anton Fig) 4:08
9. "Fractured Mirror" 5:25
Total length: 36:25