Ace Frehley Signed Psycho Circus Comic Issue 23 September 1999

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We had a special signing session with Ace Frehley at the Days of the Dead Convention in Indianapolis 2012.  These comics are part of what we had signed.

TITLE Mirror Image II DEDICATION the KISS army's privates STORY Brian Holguin LETTERS Richard Starkings, Wes Abbot COVER Angel Medina, Kevin Conrad COLORS Brian Haberlin, Ian Hannin INKS Kevin Conrad PENCILS Clayton Crain Iris is still unconscious after returning from the circus. Ivy is watching over her when a crow enters thier room and drops a ticket to the circus on Iris� bed. Iris begins to dream about the circus, and has to face up to a crime she thinks she committed as a child. But the truth is revealed that it was Ivy who is the guilty party. The two sisters come to terms with the truth and with each other.